This is my current situation: Snow in GA

This is my current situation: Snow in GA

But what scene do I really want to be looking at? (Click the picture above to see) One inch of snow does not concern a girl from New Jersey.



Adhesive Valentine by Bill Knott

I found this poem this morning, and I dedicate it to those, like me, who haven’t yet found their true Valentine yet. He/she must be coming soon, right?


not knowing where you are

not knowing who

so I’ll coat with glue

all the envelopes I mail


where most words fail

mine will still pursue

kept in these veils of gaze

every postal maze


no matter how far

no matter how overdue

they will find the true


letter bound for you

and there be pressed

adherent to its address

Shout-out~ theskimm

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So… this blog does not have anything to do with poetry, the primary topic of my own blog. However, I am theskimm’s Georgia Tech. campus liaison, and it is my job to tell you that theskimm is an amazingly resourceful daily newsletter that may become your secret weapon for your day. It has become the go to resource for people on the run, and perhaps its smart, witty, and quick content will provide you with ideas for your next brightest, boldest, most successful poem. I promise you’ll become addicted just as I have.


Just a Monday Morning…

Just a Monday Morning...

I feel a little bit like a spilt cup of coffee this morning… after receiving comments from the great Bill Knott himself, I hope he [you] didn’t feel offended by my comments suggesting his poetry was depressing! And while I do often find it gloomy and/or cynical, as I mentioned previously, he really is one of my favorite poets. Sometimes the feeling of ‘glum’ is an interesting emotion to feel.

In case you, Bill Knott, read this comment… I am a student of Thomas Lux and his wife Dr. Lux. Thomas Lux is the man who exposed me to your work, and I am very grateful for that! I truly appreciate your comments on my blog.

Bill Knott: from my perspective

Bill Knott is a wonderful poet, but his poetry isn’t exactly a mood-brightener. He is cynical and certainly not saintly, and although his poetry is usually depressing and at times disturbing, there is definitely a beauty about it. I don’t know whether to feel sympathetic or apathetic towards the man, but I am hoping that this semester I can get in contact with him. Stay tuned! Perhaps I will post some images of our emails if I am so lucky to correspond with him. 

Hope these entertain you! They certainly made me laugh/ think. 


People who get down 

on their knees to me

are the answer to my prayers


I look harder

in my wallet

than in my mirror

I already know 

what it holds

Welcome to my blog:

My name is Alexandra Bezozo, and I am a junior at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I am one of the few liberal arts majors- we are rare, I know- and this semester I have a project that will take all 15 weeks to complete. This project is encompassed around poetry, and I plan on reading, writing, and researching poems and poets. Just so you know a little bit about my taste in poetry, I’ll provide you with a few facts:

1.) I love sad, gloomy, depressing poets. 

2.) I prefer more modern poetry. 

3.) I find Bill Knott to be a very interesting poet. 

Now, this blog is my project, and while I will be filling it with tons of poetry and poetic relevancies, there is a chance this blog may evolve into something completely different from the start. I hope you’ll stay with me over the course of these next few months, and perhaps my poetry and my personality will be of interest to you. 

– Alexandra