Bill Knott: from my perspective

Bill Knott is a wonderful poet, but his poetry isn’t exactly a mood-brightener. He is cynical and certainly not saintly, and although his poetry is usually depressing and at times disturbing, there is definitely a beauty about it. I don’t know whether to feel sympathetic or apathetic towards the man, but I am hoping that this semester I can get in contact with him. Stay tuned! Perhaps I will post some images of our emails if I am so lucky to correspond with him. 

Hope these entertain you! They certainly made me laugh/ think. 


People who get down 

on their knees to me

are the answer to my prayers


I look harder

in my wallet

than in my mirror

I already know 

what it holds


2 thoughts on “Bill Knott: from my perspective

  1. Bill Knott says:

    depressing? jeepers. compared to whom? louise gluck is a ton of laughs, and frank bidart . . . at least my poems (or some of them) try to be funny instead of

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