(To Be Determined)

Hey Blog Readers! So this is a poem I have recently written, and I am looking for feedback. I would like you all to comment on ways I can improve this poem, because I know there is a lot of work it needs in order to be successful. Let me know what you think. I’m nervous…

(Title To Be Determined)

She met him when she was fifteen,

About the time when boys were becoming stimulating.

Her friends frequently suggested there was something about him,

That made them suspect he didn’t view her plainly.


She thought she was too young to admire him,

But more than a few butterflies were activated in his presence.

She tried to look away when his eyes encompassed hers,

Because those chills she received told her she’d get in trouble.


He was absent from her schedule the next school year,

But he couldn’t escape the borders of her thoughts.

Frequently his eyes met hers in the hallway,

And often he crooned her name in order to fashion her lips into a smile.


Months passed and she turned eighteen years young,

And her friends still considered it evocative.

And the one night on the soccer field he asked to exchange numbers,

Ordered friends to break out in boughs of laughter for the miles home.


She remained in contact with him after graduation,

And during the summer months, he’d take her to coffee when she agreed.

But it was because their exchanges were secret that she felt guilt,

And she was concerned that she was so close to a man who had a child.


His compliments and his winks and his sweet considerations,

None of them urged her to refrain her contributions.

There was just one minor detail that created a heartbeat in her head,

He was twenty-two years older than she.




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