The Middle Gemini

Here is another poem I have been working on for the past few weeks. I really think the topic is interesting- horoscopes. However, my problem is that I think I may be telling more than I am showing. And of course, showing is must more interesting and attention-grabbing. Tell me what you think.

The Middle Gemini


While my sisters read Vogue and I, Cosmopolitan,

The calm of the moment settles a smile on my face.

Expectedly, my older sister interrupts my peace to harp,

And like a hovering hand above a flame, I eye the Horoscope in her hands.

She tells me my personality assures the accuracy of astrology,

Since it is two competing traits, like a tug of war game.

I shut my eyes tight, and I know she is full of input,

As she digs her talons into my back, with the words ‘innocence’ and ‘ferocity’.

“Bipolar,” my little sister pipes in without a sheer moment of hesitance.

“For one moment you’re calm, the next, your claws emerge.”

I roll my eyes and scoff at their lyrics- my claws….

But the jury has made the decision,

And they have agreed.

And my peaceful moment has entirely spoiled,

Like the most rotten apple you’ve ever tasted.

And they say harmoniously, like the two sisters of Cinderella,

“You are dictionary definition Gemini.”