What is Creativity?

 Today in my Creative Writing seminar, my professor proposed a question to my class that truly brought on silence. He asked, ‘what is creativity?’, and just like that, such a laid-back question brought us to our knees. In that moment I thought- I’m sure a second grader could answer this question flawlessly, and yet my twenty-year-old self was muzzled. Some know-it-all in my class piped up with sheer confidence- there is no such thing as creativity- and the whole classed booed and jeered… perhaps I was one of the loudest.

What is a creative work of art, a creative song, a creative style of education, a creative way to parent. What classifies something as creative? As the class concluded, and I walked with my friend to our next obligations, I couldn’t help but relive moments in my childhood when I had thought I had succeeded in designing a creative project, and suddenly this ‘creative project’ may have not been so original. My professor stated his opinion, and he said, “… nothing is unique. Everything that exists has stemmed from a past”, and although he made a valid point, it certainly sounded morbid.

I believe in the heart of sunshine. I refuse to accept a life without creativity. I cannot fathom that even minor things such as Power Points I have created in the past or poems I have generated had absolutely no sense of uniqueness. Furthermore, I will not acknowledge that special cards I have written for loved ones on their birthdays or gifts I have purposefully chosen to give my friends on the holidays had no sense of distinctiveness. How depressing would a world be if as individuals, we could not produce creative entities?

In my opinion, people can have creative last names, creative tattoos, and creative childhoods. Creativity is something unique, something you don’t see or observe often. The discussion occurring in my class had me really thrown off my equilibrium, because it truly resulted in the melancholic conclusion that only those who have invented a new device are creative. That cannot be accurate, and luckily this is a subjective clause… someone may have created this computer I am currently typing on, but no one has written this exact essay.

To the creative ones: stand up, because there are people in this world who are demeaning your unique thoughts and distinct actions. I don’t believe many things in life are insignificant, and surely if creativity didn’t exist, people wouldn’t be thrilled with new concepts such as Siri, lettuce-wrapped sandwiches, and the popular phrase amongst Georgia Tech students- dick-face. According to my professor, these wouldn’t be considered creative, for they stemmed from previous inventions. Nevertheless… creativity? Live on.

I am producing creative work every day.