7 Reasons Why You Should Like Jon Sands and Read His Poetry

Jon Sands’ is a poet I recently discovered, and although I don’t know everything about him, his Youtube videos tell me he is absolutely honest, genuine, and cool. Why do I use the word ‘cool’? Just watch his video I posted on my blog, and you’ll catch my drift. He’s young and he’s a breath of fresh air. He’s very talented, and I hope you don’t mind profanities- he has no filter when it comes to language; it’s awesome. Here is a list as to why you should enjoy his poetry just as much as I do. (And I’m hoping to continue learning more and more about him!)

1.) He’s a Brooklyn based author…. who doesn’t love a guy from Brooklyn? So I don’t think he originates from Brooklyn, but my dad is from Brooklyn, and you can’t help but love that New York state of mind. 

2.) In 2010 he toured Germany in conjunction with the American Embassy. Now who doesn’t love wiener schnitzel? That stuff is amazing.

3.) According to his public blog, he’s fantastic at making tunafish sandwiches. Now, I am not a fan. But if his tunafish sandwiches could win my heart over, that accomplishment is worthy of a prize.  

Okay, I’ll begin getting serious….. Here are some amazing lines in some of his poems. 

4.) In ‘A Working List of Things I Will Never Tell You’, a poem by Sands, he says the line -“Not only do they make you look too young,
but then your torso is a giraffe’s neck attached to tiny legs.” Now, this is a love poem… how on earth does a man have a line like this in a love poem, and manage for it to sound so… beautiful in conjunction with every other stanza? Check this poem out. It’s brilliant. It is the video posted on my blog. 

5.) Just read this please… “Your approval is not my concern. I am not 
afraid to speak like there is something at stake. I am not afraid to finish 
this poem. This poem is not about me. I do not want you to listen. I am 
not afraid. I am not afraid. I am not afraid. Afraid not I am. Afraid not 
am I. Not afraid I am. I do not bleed. I am not human. I am not here.”

This is from his poem titled, ‘Not About Me’. 

6.) Read these lines too from the same poem, “I have never 
been persuaded to love without condoms. I never called it love when it 
should have been called penis.”

I mean, how blunt and honest can you get? Don’t you love it? He speaks the truth, and he doesn’t care who closes their eyes tightly and throws their hand over their mouth. He must enjoy the shock value, or maybe he doesn’t believe there is one. Maybe Jon Sands thinks this is informal language- honest, sincere language; the way we are all suppose to speak. 

7.) Check out Jon Sands’ poem, ‘Highway 71’. Once again, it’s blunt, quick, and honest, and it enjoyable to read. It’s a bit cynical, and I happen to like that factor. He asks the question in the poem, “If you could have sex with any movie star
for twenty-four straight hours who would you choose?”… I mean, it is an interesting question… Colin Farrell.